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During a Hideous Party we will take the children on a journey through time, touching upon the Greeks, Romans, Tudors, Egyptians and Vikings. Your entertaining educators will change characters and costumes throughout the journey, using humour, props, and games to inform and entertain.

During the journey the children will compete for The Gods, find Treasure with Vikings, earn their Battle Scars (arm tattoos), make a Mummy as a Priest, and sing with the Tudors.


The party includes:

Upto 2 Entertainers & an assistant, depending on the number of children.

Scene setters - we bring a combination of wall scenes/ cardboard cutouts, a backdrop, a wooden Stock for photos.

Toy Medals and trophies.

Our parties have exciting Treasure hunt includes a treasure chest of treats, (a themed sweet cone for each child) and a unique puzzle map.

Themed books, balloon swords, glitter & scar tattoos, toys and other prizes are all included in the price.

Hideous History Parties!


At a hideous history workshop children will get to explore drama forms, historic events and perform in a theatrical environment. In short they will experience the life of a professional actor for the duration of the workshop!

We start each day with the same professional warm-ups actors all over the world do to prepare for  show, and include some focusing games before moving on the historic material.

Some time will be spent exploring Stage Make-up techniques and creating costumes to better enhance their characterisation.

At the end of a workshop we invite family and friends to witness the culmination of all of their efforts – be that a short improvised scene, a dramatic song or a full scale mini-show (dependant on the duration of the workshop.)


The Workshops may explore Greeks, Romans, Tudors, Egyptians and Vikings.

Hideous History Educational Worshops